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Huge gardens and the large sports park characterize the new district and give PlayaGardens its name. PlayaGardens is distinguished by creating a perfect balance between nature and your daily life. They are the gardens where you can experience your new lifestyle

Playa Gardens is designed as a neighborhood where you can growth, visit stores, and do social activities. The Mayaland School is an amazing place for your children, right next door!

PlayaGardens is a self-contained residential community where most daily necessities are within a 10-minute walk. Common areas, 10-foot-wide sidewalks, wide streets, parks and many other amenities are designed to foster interpersonal relationships.

Your decision for PlayaGardens is more than buying a piece of land or a house. You create a garden for your life and your family here in Playa del Carmen and you are supporting real sustainable development on our planet.

PlayaGardens is developed and managed by German and Mexican engineers. They will use large parts of their proceeds from the sale of PlayaGardens to support an open global civil society to achieve a world in balance based on climate justice. In the past, the engineers have worked with friends to initiate and support sustainable projects around the world, such as:

We believe in the importance of protecting and conserving the world’s forest ecosystems and thus encourage everyone to support forest restoration projects, like Eden Reforestation
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